Clintons Cannibalize Government


Bill and Hillary Clinton have brought their own special brand of corruption to D.C. for decades and as it unravels, it also becomes evident that they have helped corrupt the U.S. government, especially in its relationship to private business. At every turn, they ignored ethics for personal gain and infused it into the system.

This is one more story of many in the corrupt careers of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

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The Clinton-Abedin double dipping story is only a microcosm of what is going on in D.C.  The DC-Business relationship has grown more and more corrupt as government grows bigger and as politicized, unaccountable agencies of unelected bureaucrats grow in power.

Nowhere is the corrupt relationship between D.C. and private industry more evident than in the Hillary Clinton file which grows by the day. It isn’t only the unethical double dipping by Huma Abedin with a company that presented her and Hillary with a serious conflict of interest for this high level State Department employee, it was the expectations that if not on a “friend’s list”, jobs are doled out by the politico in charge and his/her aides.

Huma Abedin
Huma Abedin

Politico obtained an email chain that showed in the spring of 2012, Huma Abedin was asked to help win a presidential appointment for a Clinton Foundation supporter, Judith Rodin.

Judith Rodin of the Rockefeller Foundation, named to the PoliticsPA list of "Pennsylvania's Most Politically Powerful Women"
Judith Rodin of the Rockefeller Foundation, named to the PoliticsPA list of “Pennsylvania’s Most Politically Powerful Women”

Teneo sought a new appointment for Judith Rodin, a Teneo client, a Clinton Foundation supporter, and the president of The Rockefeller Foundation but there is no proof yet that Ms. Abedin interceded. Rodin didn’t get the appointment but Sen. Grassley said that the email seeking the appointment shows the blurred lines between a private firm and government.

More significantly, the unhealthy relationship between government and private enterprise in general is most clear in the email chain Politico uncovered. In it, Teneo employees openly discussed who could get Rodin the job before settling on Abedin.

“Could someone from [Sen. Chuck] Schumer’s office place a call to the WH?” Orson Porter, senior vice president of Teneo, asked Tom Shea, the managing director.

“Doug is willing to push with Valerie or HRC, but I can’t find out who the decision maker is,” Shea replied, perhaps referring to Valerie Jarrett, a senior adviser to President Barack Obama.

Eventually, Orson Porter, senior vice president of Teneo, sent the email up the chain to Teneo president Doug Band who is a close confidant of President Clinton.

“Hey brother — it’s been a lift in the [W]hite [H]ouse,” he wrote to Band. “She is not on anyone’s friend list — VJ’s office promised to send it up the flag pole, but they will need to hear from someone outside of us — I keep pushing Tom to have a congressional office send a note. Do you think Bruce Reed [ Vice President Joe Biden’s chief of staff at the time] would be helpful?”

Ms. Abedin did shortly after receive a position with Teneo, a private global consulting firm, while still working at state. Bill Clinton was listed as one of the “advisers” to Teneo which was founded by his former personal assistant.

Hillary Clinton signed off on it though she lied and said she didn’t.

The original report that Abedin had been double dipping came from Politico. Fox News reported that Abedin earned $355,000 as a consultant to Teneo, in addition to her $135,000 SGE (Special Government Employee) compensation.

Teneo, whose president is Bill Clinton confidante Doug Band, provides leaders of the world’s most respected companies, nonprofits, and governments with advisory solutions. Teneo headlines its “about” page as “Integrated Counsel for a Borderless World. It pays business well to be borderless.

08 Jun 2007 --- Douglas J. Band, former personal assistant to former President Bill Clinton, 2007, NJ, ©Robert A. Cumins
08 Jun 2007 — Douglas J. Band, former personal assistant to former President Bill Clinton, 2007, NJ,

Teneo was also the subject of various investigative reports, including by the New York Times, which raise questions about its relationship with the Clinton Foundation.

In still other records obtained by Citizens United, Abedin, State officials and Teneo CEO Declan Kelly, a former Clinton appointee at State, were apparently arranging “dinner with Secretary Clinton during her visit to Dublin, Ireland,” in December 2012 in what appears to be more cronyism.

In an interview with Andrea Mitchell, Hillary Clinton was asked if Trump had a point asking her whether it was appropriate for her aide Huma Abedin to take a State Department salary and be paid by an outside company associated with her husband.

Hillary said, “Well I was not directly involved in that, but everything that she did was approved under the rules as they existed by the State Department,” Clinton said.

Yet, paperwork shows that Hillary greenlighted the change in Abedin’s status to Special Government Employee so she could work for Teneo, Politico reported.

Go to 18:44:

Hillary’s Campaign is now claiming that the document isn’t proof since it’s only approval for a title change. We are supposed to believe that she didn’t know or ask any questions and didn’t find out that Abedin was employed by Teneo.

There are questions as to whether her position complied with the law.

Ethics guidance

When Abedin was finally approved in June 2012, she had failed to provide her husband Anthony Weiner’s financial information, despite repeated requests from the State Department.

“These documents show the Huma Abedin received special treatment contrary to law and that Hillary Clinton personally approved a corrupt patronage position,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “These new documents are smoking gun evidence of what Hillary Clinton’s separate email server was all about – keeping secret the corruption of her and her top staff. What else is out there?”

The State Department inspector general had opened a “criminal investigation” into alleged overpayments made to Abedin at State but the Justice Department failed to take up the case, and it is being handled administratively.

Our agencies are fully politicized.

Read about how Bill and Hillary Clinton used Teneo to set up Bill’s lucrative speaking fee business and secure Foundation donations which he could use as he pleased. Go to RealClearPolitics for that story.


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