Clinton’s pal Jeffrey Epstein found injured and in a fetal position


Jeffrey Epstein, 66 years of age, was found nearly unconscious in his jail cell today. He had bruising around his neck and might have attempted suicide, The NY Times reports.

He was found in the fetal position.

Two sources told the station Epstein may have tried to hang himself, but a third source said the injuries were not serious enough and questioned Epstein’s intentions. A fourth source told NBC assault is still being considered, and another inmate was questioned.

In other Epstein news, it seems he was a lot closer to Bill Clinton than we were told.

The Daily Beast has new information about the Bill Clinton-Jeffrey Epstein relationship. As early as 1993, records show, Epstein donated $10,000 to the White House Historical Association and attended a donors’ reception hosted by Bill and Hillary Clinton. Around the same time, according to a source familiar with the connection, Epstein visited presidential aide Mark Middleton several times at the White House. Two years later, businesswoman Lynn Forester de Rothschild wrote a personal letter to Clinton thanking him for their talk about the financier.

This is on top of the revelation that Clinton made 26 or 27 trips on Epstein’s plane, often ditching his secret service.

Clinton had lied about when he had a relationship with him, how many times he rode on Epstein’s plane, and the timing of the relationship. They were friends a lot longer than Bill admitted.

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