Clintons’ Tour Begins In a Mostly Empty Stadium, Tix Sell for $10


Hillary and Bill mark the first leg of their 13- city post-election speaking tour in Toronto. The original prices were cheap when you consider what they usually charge. The price range was from $53 to $434 per seat.  Some seats were as high as $750. Now they are selling for $10.

The tour is billed as ‘An Evening With The Clintons‘–  a conversation with their ‘unique perspective on the past, and remarkable insight into where we go from here.’

However, StubHub still has seats for $10 and the event is this evening. After that, you have to pay $11 for front row seats. By way of comparison, the Toronto Maple Leafs game costs $73 for upper tier seats.

The December 4th event in Sugar Land, Texas still has seats up front.

They want $700 for the tickets in Boston and other liberal/leftist bastions since they think they will be in demand there. We will see.

According to a TicketMaster sales agent that NTK Network spoke with, they didn’t even offer tickets in the upper levels of the Scotiabank Arena for people to purchase.

Thus, the Clintons will be speaking before a lot of empty seats but it will be covered as a gala event and they will be quoted ad nauseum by the corrupt media.


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  1. Hardly NO ONE wants to hear/see/or speak to anything “Clinton.” When will these ‘two Grifters realize this and Just go away? Americans KNOW they are “The Corrupt Clinton Crime Family”…including Chelsea, of which they have “Been Money-Laundering thru their Fake Charity for YEARS, and as SOS, Hillary used her position to have Any Nation, ANYONE, “Pay to Play”…once she would be Potus, they would be given access

  2. Hello from Canada.

    I thank God every day that President Trump ruined the political elite ruling class, and MSM’s plan to foist their “Bush vs Clinton” rematch upon America and the Free World.

    If Trump hadn’t stepped in, humanity would be suffering immensely under a Clinton pay to play kleptocracy because once Low Energy Jeb had won the RNC nomination, the MSM would have turned on him like a pack of rabid dogs, and President Klepto would have been the inevitable outcome.

    There are many Canadians who feel that owe Trump voters a great debt of gratitude for allowing America and the Free World to dodge a huge bullet by electing President Trump over that drunken sloth, Hillary Reject Clinton.

    • Thanks Sam we feel pretty lucky ourselves. I doubt there would have been as much objection about Jeb as you think. He was pro-immigration of all kinds and I’m sure he would have pushed for DACA legalization to. He like the Bush before him was in favor of global governance instead of nation governance and would have agreed to the every phony treaty ever signed. He would have been Obama lite while Hillary would have been Obama clone.

    • Jeb was the anointed one…and Hillary may never have made it to the “post” had Trump not blown him away when he stepped into the fray….and the ‘political elite’ were not sure if Bernie could beat Donald. The President has been fighting three powerful enemies since “he threw his hat in the ring”, the entire D.N.C. crooked apparatus, the Republicans in Name Only that support the N.W.O. and the entire corrupted “Western” main stream fake media ( and social media now also) that is fully controlled…outside of the odd small by comparison mediums, like this one, the masses are subjected to the “ONE NARRATIVE” now!!!

  3. We all know that ticket sales are down because the white heterosexual Christian masculine men are hateful misogynist wife beaters who will not allow any of the females in their life to go here their beloved Saint Hillary and its perverted rapist partner in crime.

  4. Shamelessly addicted to greed and power as demonstrated by their embarrassing behavior…..A special place in Hell awaits these two as repentance is probably not an option with this kind of addiction.

  5. I think that it doesn’t matter to the Clintons or the event organizers how many seats get sold or how much they sell for. This is a ploy to give the Clintons a big wad of cash legally, by hiring them to appear on the speaking tour. Possibly they need help because their accounts are frozen due to investigations of one thing and another … If the speaking tour loses millions, the organizers will just shrug and deduct the losses as an ordinary failed business venture, which no one (IRS) will question. Otherwise, the big bucks flowing to the Clintons wouldn’t have been deductable. This is how the powers-that-be reward the faithful … and YOU pay for it.

    • I heard that too but from what I can see, they are still selling tickets for all shows. They will probably do okay in hellholes like NY.

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