Cliven Bundy Trial Begins, Fighting for the Constitution, Judge Won’t Allow Bail


The Cliven Bundy trial is finally beginning. It’s the second time the Bundys have been put on trial with the feds losing the first. The defense called for a speedy trial but the feds didn’t abide by that constitutional guarantee and kept them in jail for two years waiting, using the preparation for the first trial as their excuse.

If these ranchers were minorities, one must wonder if they would have gotten bail.

There are two versions of what happened – the feds version and the Bundy’s version. The feds went on to Bundy’s land when he didn’t pay his million dollar grazing fee which he tried to give to state and local authorities because he believes, as the constitution dictates, feds shouldn’t be owning land.

The feds say Bundy threatened them and that is why they came on the land armed, hiding behind knolls and in bunkers in 2014.

When Bundy said the feds moved in with arms and were not threatened into doing it, armed militia moved in and scared off the thirty or so armed Bureau of Land Management agents.

Bundy knew that if the land was taken over for a turtle, he would go out of business. The turtle has won and the government controls the land and all the rich minerals and resources on the lands.

Harry Reid and his son Rory have been behind many of the deals that involve federal land acquisition. Currently 88.1% of Nevada land is owned by the government and they are not always good stewards. The federal government owns most of the West and unfortunately, Trump’s choice for Interior secretary is changing nothing.

Government owned land in red.

The feds are trying to portray the Bundys as WACO crazies but they appear to be ranchers rebelling against the government takeover of Western land.

Ranchers who rebel are all in jail or in court. It is not acceptable to become violent or take over buildings but that might not be what happened here.

Turtles, chickens, weeds are taking precedence in private land ownership deals.

Currently, the federal government is leasing land — they have no right owning — to refugees at a cost of $1 million tax dollars. They are also training these refugees to be farmers at the same time they are putting citizens out of business. The feds pay another half million tax dollars on farmers markets for refugees. Citizen farmers and ranchers who owned their land since the Louisiana Purchase are having their land stolen by the federal government.

The same land grabs are taking place elsewhere, including along the Red River using precedent-setting criteria to steal land, which has never been used before. It will forever change property rights in America.

Stealing private land to the degree the feds are doing it is Marxist.

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