Clock Boy Is Back Threatening the School District and City Hall


If you see something, say something, except if it’s a Muslim who brings a clock to school that looks like a bomb.

The lawyer for Clock Boy, who brought a clock to school that was rigged to look like a bomb, is demanding the Irving City Hall and Irving School District for $10 million and $5 million respectively.

Clock Boy has left the country and has taken his skills at “clock” making to the terror-sponsoring nation of Qatar.

The law firm representing him sued the Federal government for $15 million and the other demand is their fallback position.

The city and school have to reply in 60 days.

Clock Boy with genocidal maniac, the Butcher of Sudan
Clock Boy with genocidal maniac, the Butcher of Sudan

The law firm Laney & Bollinger demanded an apology, in writing, from Mayor Beth Van Duyne and Police Chief Larry Boyd. They claim Clock Boy’s civil rights were violated.

Two years before, his sister was in trouble for a bomb hoax. It runs in the family.

At the time, Rep. Keith Ellison, never one to miss a political opportunity, toted an analog clock with him on Capitol Hill one day to show support for Ahmed. He tweeted using the hashtag #StandWithAhmed. He claimed Ahmed’s arrest was a case of Islamophobia.

Police thought he was a bomb hoaxer in large part due to his refusal to answer their questions.

obama invited him to white house

Obama jumped right on this and invited him to the White House. Obama Was Wrong Again! Shocker!

Obama wanted to make Americans look like evil civil rights abusers. Who thinks Obama will settle and give the kid our $15 million tax dollars?


Here is Clock Boy’s “clock”:

Ahmed's clock bomb

Here is a suitcase bomb:


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Rebellious Sacchi
Rebellious Sacchi
6 years ago

Well all I can say is that American tax payers should stop this bull crap I mean am no American but this all doesn’t seem right so u ppl are the only ones that can make things go back on track ….. . Don’t let terrorists like us ‘i am sudanese too’ ruin yours country and make it fall like our failure countries

6 years ago

The fact that clock boy’s fake bomb, correction clock may turn out to be the hoax of the decade will not be taken into consideration. A decision will be made and fast to just pay the family and make them go away.

The message, of course, will be to those celebrating a financial victory against the Great Satan is that a Muslim child made America bend over, take it and then submit to a demand of jiyza.