Closing In on the Corruption in the FBI


Pete Strzok with Robert Mueller

Former FBI Director James Comey, who has lied, leaked and who wrote the Hillary report weeks before any key players, including Hillary, were interviewed, wants us to know the FBI is “honest”, “strong”, and “independent”. The man who leaked and connived to get a special prosecutor wants to convince us of that.

Jim Comey is the one who had no problem with Andrew McCabe’s conflicts of interest. He is the one who disgraced his own agency. He is the one who obstructed justice by declaring Hillary Clinton innocent which he is not permitted to do in his role. The former director is the one who lamented not being a “stronger” man.

Comey is sanctimonious, arrogant, supercilious, and narcissistic and he’s not an agent, he’s a lawyer.

If the FBI wants to convince Americans how honest they are, they need to clean house.

No one is condemning the entire FBI and we are all grateful to the brave men and women of the FBI who do an amazing job of protecting us, often at personal risk. The left is great for taking criticisms of a handful of partisan hacks and making it about the entire FBI so they can turn the entire agency against the President and everyone on the right.

President Trump isn’t condemning the majority in the FBI, but when you have FBI agents hunting down a leaker of an illicit tarmac meeting the FBI covered up, one has to wonder what is going on.

The FBI union felt the need to issue three tweets Monday about how honorable they are. This was immediately after the President said the FBI is in “tatters”.

One must wonder if the union leadership realizes what is going on with Agent Strzok and the corrupt Mueller probe.

Strzok was having an extramarital affair with agent Lisa Page — both openly hate Trump — and they were the leads in the Clinton investigation and the Russia collusion investigation. Strzok was their top counterintelligence agent which also begs the question — did he have anything to do with the dossier and was it used to get the FISA warrant and launch the collusion investigation?

We are not supposed to question Comey or any of the corrupt agents. We are not allowed to doubt the impeccable reputation of the ruthless Robert Mueller. We mustn’t question McCabe, Uranium One, the Russian bribery probe, none of it. If we do, we are insulting the entire department. At least that is what the left wants us to believe.

Does anyone doubt that Mueller, who has hired Hillary donors and activist Democrats to investigate Trump, knew about Strzok’s leanings? A top spy and he didn’t know?

They are simply trying to silence us with their usual diversions. Don’t fall for it. We don’t have to be blindly obedient to these people.

Pete Strzok is the agent who caught Flynn lying. Set up?

Investigative reporter Sara Carter says Strzok is the one who changed the wording of Hillary’s charges from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless”.

Strazok was at Hillary’s interview. That’s not suspicious at all.

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