Clueless Dems Dumping Loyal Base for Loony Left Celebs & Anarchists


This past week, Democrat Senators had a retreat in West Virginia. That they got together in a state in which Hillary Clinton threatened local coal mining jobs and lost to Donald Trump 68.7%- 26.5% speaks volumes of how detached from political reality this party has become.

But wait! There’s more. The senators attended seminars coaching them on how to speak “to those who feel invisible in rural America” and “Listening to those who feel unheard”.   Sen. Joe Manchin, who loves to paint himself as a kinda right leaning guy around election time, even moderated a panel designated “a discussion with Trump voters.”   How absolutely pathetic.

If there was a great mystery as to why Dems have lost some 1,000 local, state, and national seats to Republicans over the last 6 years, it should have been solved by the November 8 results. They lost millions of once reliable votes from what used to be a trio of their core constituencies.

Catholics, who went for Obama by +2% in 2012, chose “The Donald” by a very substantial +7% margin.   The swing of 9 points from that giant voting bloc was done for at least 3 good reasons. 1) Democrat bureaucrats used ObamaCare regs to sue the sainted Little Sisters of the Poor. 2) During the campaign, party leaders were caught ridiculing Catholics. 3) Perhaps the “last straw” was Hillary unequivocally voicing her support for partial birth abortion. Soon after that, and shortly before the election, many of the Church’s American Bishops sent out pro-life appeals to be read at all the masses.

Hillary won only 71% of the Jewish electorate. That was less than Gore (79%), Kerry (74%) and Obama 2008 (78%). Given the Clinton/Obama policies this loss shouldn’t have come as much of a shock. The personal and official mistreatment of Benjamin Netanyahu made many Jews uncomfortable. Add an existential threat posed to Israel by the Iranian nuclear “deal” and you get a growing Jewish discontent with Democrats. Recently, further insult was added to injury with our unprecedented, anti-Israeli vote at the U.N.

Polls show Clinton lost 10% of the 2012 blue collar vote to Donald J. Trump, some voting the first time ever, for a GOP presidential nominee. It was an easy choice. These working people were fed up with their life long Dem loyalty being taken for granted by a bunch of politicians who increasingly voted against their constituents’ best interests. Whether they were writing onerous regulations hamstringing the creation of good paying jobs, or flat out blocking fracking and the Keystone pipeline, skilled tradesmen and women were being sabotaged by Democrats. It was clear these pols were now pandering to a very different base.

During the weekend of President Trump’s inauguration, the latter perspective, already growing in the minds of our above mentioned groups, was surely cemented even further, as loony left celebrities, activists, and bomb throwing anarchists took up the Democrat Party cause. What could recently lost Catholics, Jews, or blue collar workers find in the vagina attired, foul mouthed feminists, and fire setting rioters that might lure them back? Not a damn thing.

Meanwhile, since Trump’s election there have been three events, underestimated by a biased media, that may well boost the movement of these powerful coalitions into the Republican Party. On November 9th, then President Elect Trump shared a “warm, heartfelt conversation” with Prime Minister Netanyahu, and offered an invitation to meet. Last week Catholics witnessed the president ending, “the use of (U.S.) taxpayer dollars to fund abortions overseas” and an historic appearance of a sitting Vice President, Mike Pence, speaking eloquently at the March for Life. The third, and perhaps most politically profound, was an hour and a half meeting with labor union leaders held in the White House on the Monday of Trump’s first full week in office.

These men and women represented a number of different construction related trades. Just one example of the many positive responses from attendees came from Terry O’ Sullivan, general president of of the Laborers’ International Union of North America. Mr. Trump, “…treated us with respect, not only our organization but our members.” O’ Sullivan went on to say he was “very impressed” and “The whole meeting was about middle class jobs, how do we create more?”.

That last line should send a chill up and down the spine of the Democrat Party. Because while they’re busily attending seminars on how to talk to hard working Americans, and being all to publicly represented by commerce destroying thugs and fading “f-bomb” dropping divas, President Trump continues comfortably connecting with a huge swath of “unheard” men and women….whether they be Catholic, Jewish, or blue collar.









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