CNBC “Reporter” John Harwood Solicits a Criminal Act to Get Trump


John Harwood, a left-wing media “reporter”, had a request of the leaker of the taped conversations between the President and the leaders of Mexico and Australia. He directed the leaker to send him Trump’s taped conversation with Russian President Putin.

This is on the same day Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats told leakers they were traitors and would be sought out and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Sessions said the leakers were selling out their country. Obviously that made no impression on Harwood, none whatsoever.

Harwood wants the leaker to give him a transcript of the Putin call despite knowing how dangerous this is and how much it handicaps the President as he attempts to work with foreign leaders.

Certainly, after today’s press conference, he knows it’s illegal.

The Media is completely corrupt and they don’t care that people know it.

The Washington Free Beacon reported today that the Supreme Court has upheld the right of media outlets to publish unsolicited, illegally obtained information in cases such as Bartnicki v. Vopper. But it’s illegal to solicit someone to commit a crime.

As NPR wrote, “Ample legal precedent suggests a protection for journalists as long as they do not themselves break the law or encourage or direct others to do so.”

Harwood is directing another or others to break the law.

The man is corrupt and has no business reporting “news”.

Harwood hates Republicans and moderated the GOP debates. A Wikileaks dump exposed him as a stooge. He even apologized to John Podesta for being honest once.

Listen to how “objective” this guy is in the next clip. He was praised by his colleagues and Democrats after the debates for his nasty attack questions.

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