CNN Analyst April Ryan Says Her Life’s In Danger for Asking A Question


White House reporter and CNN political analyst April Ryan regularly wastes the time of the press secretary asking moronic questions. She’s the female Acosta trying to get a response she can criticize while pontificating on CNN. After her last idiotic question, she said her life is in danger.

“I’ve been getting death threats and we’ve been calling the FBI. This is real. I asked a simple question,” Ryan said. “I did not point a finger.”

“I asked a question and now my life is in jeopardy because of a question and I’m going to continue to do my job,” Ryan told CNN on Wednesday.

She didn’t point a finger because it’s probably a figment of her imagination.

CNN Money portrayed her as courageous because she will not back down. She claimed she contacted the FBI.

If you look at her feed, there are no threats, just respectful rebukes.

Her Question

Reporter April Ryan has a habit of asking press secretary Sarah Sanders inane questions during press conferences. After “all the turmoil” this week, Ryan said she asked Sanders if President Trump has thought about “stepping down.”

Sanders responded appropriately, saying, “What an absolutely ridiculous question. We’re moving on.”

Ryan sees her job as asking absurd questions. She isn’t there to gather information, just to harm the President.

April’s In the Tank

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