CNN Analyst Says Trump Sounded Like Adolf Hitler During His Speech


CNN analyst Sam Vinograd compared President Donald Trump’s CPAC speech to Adolf Hitler murdering six million Jews in the Holocaust. She also suggests that Putin wrote Trump’s speech because he hit all of Putin’s points on his to-do list.


We were surprised to hear she has Putin’s to-do list and would like to know what those points might be. From the President’s CPAC speech, we can only gather Putin wants:

  • free speech on U.S. college campuses,
  • the Democrat witch hunt to stop and considers Mueller’s probe bullsh**,
  • socialism in the United States defeated,
  • he thinks Trump’s joke about Hillary’s emails is humorous,
  • AOC’s lame-brained Green New Deal rejected,
  • the U.S. border secured,
  • Americans aware that we have some bad people coming in who hate us and some are in Congress
  • to say Adam Schiff is SHIFTY,
  • Americans to reject socialism,
  • the North Korean peace talks to continue,
  • he feels terrible about Otto Warmbier’s death,
  • and yes, Putin too thinks Mazie Hirono is nuts.

What else could she mean? There was NOTHING in the speech that sounded like Hitler. But, if you think about it, Barack Obama often sounded like he hated Jews and Christians.


What she said is that she thinks to reclaim one’s heritage [of individual freedom and the rule of law] sounds a lot like Hitler.

This is Joe Biden in 2011, calling for Americans to “reclaim our heritage.”

Vinograd prepared her comparison to Hitler beforehand and tweeted it out. That was before she heard a word of the CPAC speech


During her CNN harangue badly disguised as analysis, she began by saying he made her sick, he’s like Hitler, who killed her family members.

“Well, Ana, his statement makes me sick, on a personal level, preserving your heritage, reclaiming our heritage, that sounds a lot like a certain leader that killed members of my family and about six million other Jews in the 1940s,” Vinograd began. “But our national security level, the president talks about preserving our heritage as a catch-all for implementing policies that misallocate resources.”

She thinks there is nothing going on at the border and said so.

“He pretends there are massive flows of illegal immigrants coming over our borders and is spending billions of dollars on a border wall emergency, instead of paying attention to real national security threats. He sounds a lot like despotic leaders that have talked about white heritage and white nationalism around the world and is putting resources in the wrong place and pretending that there are foreign people trying to influence our country in a way that just isn’t accurate.”

It’s not WHITE NATIONALISM dear, it’s nationalism without the white.

She also said he denigrated our DOJ and Congress. But about half the country feels strongly they did that to themselves.

You can see where CNN is going for the next two years — the same place they went for the last two — Trump is Hitler.

The only party that wants socialism and full control of government is the Democratic Party. Comments like this are the opposite of the truth.


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