CNN Appears to Disprove Their Own Hysteria Over Immunity Deal


The CFO of the Trump Organization, Allen Weisselberg, was given an immunity deal during the Michael Cohen investigation as the feds closed in. Weisselberg gave them information about the payments to Stormy Daniels.

The immunity deal is likely another overblown story. It’s already rife with speculation presented as fact by the media.

CNN’s analyst and editor-at-large Chris Cillizza wrote an article Friday, ‘Why the Allen Weisselberg immunity deal may be the biggest news of this bananas week’. Cillizza called President Trump an unindicted co-conspirator in the two campaign finance violations his ex-lawyer Michael Cohen pled guilty to earlier this week.

The President has denied knowing about the payments in the beginning. Trump has said he paid off Stormy Daniels and the Playboy Playmate with his own money.

The media claims that it was recorded as legal services, but it was for “sham legal invoices with a nonexistent retainer agreement.” They are suggesting it is a crime.

It’s unclear why paying someone off with your own money and calling the lawyer’s payment legal services is a crime.

The CNN article doesn’t mention it, but the money the Trump Organization paid to Cohen also included a bonus and money for other legal services. In other words, it did include legal services and he is a lawyer who provided his services.

Cillizza began the article by quoting a Watergate slogan, “Follow the money”. By the end of the post, he went into a bit of a delirium at the idea of the most-knowing CFO being grilled under an immunity deal about Trump’s finances.


Then CNN’s own cable station seemed to debunk their own talking points. The host asked a woman they described as an expert with in-depth knowledge of the Trump Organization for her take on the latest.

Kara Scannell said MR. Weisselberg has not been called back, suggesting this probe is “very limited” and not expected to go deeper into the Trump Organization.


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