CNN Begins Lay Offs as the Future of Fake News Hangs in the Balance


CNN is on life support as its ratings plummet and they struggle to get any of their shows up to a million viewers.

Lots of luck Zucker

Fox News reported that while Sanjay Gupta is safe, much of the rest of CNN’s Atlanta-based staff covering health care will be gone.

A source told Fox the whole division will lose their jobs.

Katz told Fox News that three divisions—CNN Health, CNN Climate, and the network’s Atlanta-based Southeast Bureau—will be combined into one. CNN Health is thought to be successful, but they didn’t do anti-Trump news.

“As part of the normal course of business, our newsgathering team made a small restructure earlier this week that ultimately impacts 6-7 employees within CNN’s Health Unit,” a CNN spokesperson told TVNewser’s, A.J. Katz. CNN’s Brian Stelter created TV Newser.

That’s probably a lie. An entire division is a lot more than 6-7 employees.

When the “crazy rumor” of layoffs went around, Stelter swore there would be, “No layoffs.” Unreliable Brian Stelter is the host of the inappropriately named “Reliable Sources.”

The failing network is currently buying out more than 100 employees, including International executive vice president Tony Maddox, who left the loser fake news network after 21 years.

CNN used to be at rock bottom with MSNBC but the latter has become more popular thanks to conspiracy theorist Rachel Maddow and all the fake Mueller report news.

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