CNN Begs Please Don’t Believe Anything James O’Keefe Says If They Get Smoked


In case you missed it, James O’Keefe revealed to Sean Hannity that a “Wikileaks Style” release of information is coming on Thursday. #FakeNews #CNN is the likely target.

They’re about to get smoked.


O’Keefe: In the next 48 hours, Project Veritas, like Wikileaks, will be releasing hundreds of hours of tape from within the establishment media. Our next target is in fact, the media.

Hannity: How long have you been working on this?

O’Keefe: We’ve had people on the inside come to us. Just like Julian Assange has people come to him, we’ve had people, sources come to us and give us information, and we’re going to be releasing it “Wikileaks Style” this week.

Hannity: Can you give us a hint what organizations are going to be impacted by this?

O’Keefe: It’s one that Trump has really been talking about, you can probably use your imagination.

Hannity: So, it’s CNN…

Since this was posted, we found out that Mr. O’Keefe is calling it ‘CNN Leaks’. CNN is already trying to discredit O’Keefe, reporting he’s “not a serious journalist”. In a CNN article, O’Keefe is described as “discredited” and has relied on “selectively edited” video [which is not a fact]. CNN also said the filmmaker’s “detractors” claim he engages in “unethical practices” [also not a fact]. The article got worse as it went on but it won’t amount to much if the video shows them as something less than reputable themselves.

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Terry Schuck
Terry Schuck
7 years ago

Thanks. I quit watching TV many years ago, so knowing this is coming out is informative.

O’Keefe’s stuff seems to be accurate and many of his targets are organizations that I view as laudable for him to take on.

Still, I have become leary of digital stuff being edited and hope his folks have done the same.

I look forward to your releasing more and your take on this.