CNN Benches Hispanic Republican, FOX Airs Trump Haters


CNN contributor and Trump supporter Steve Cortes have been missing from the network for weeks. He recently did a Prager U video in which he debunked the Charlottesville lie, falsely claiming the President said the Nazis were good people.

Prager U touted him as a CNN contributor.

Cortes, a Hispanic American, was rebuked by CNN’s Erin Burnett on air. CNN has been going along with the lie to their viewers. Cortes says he was put out to pasture for debunking the Charlottesville ‘very fine people’ lie. CNN has also benched Trump supporter Ben Ferguson.

We are guessing his appearing on Prager U as a CNN contributor didn’t help.

CNN’s motto, Facts First, is not holding water.

Meanwhile, on Fox ‘News’ today, Donna Brazile, who was on the Fox News panel with Democrats and Brit Hume, Juan Williams, Shep Smith, Neil Cavuto popped up here and there. I turn it off when they come on. For a few minutes, I briefly listened to the blather about the DNC candidates on Fox. The guests covering up the extremism of the canidates went unchallenged so I turned on music.

Trumka was on Fox News Sunday with a Fox Democrat Chris Wallace to criticize the trade war with China and the trade agreement with Canada and Mexico.

Fox News Weekend is unwatchable if you’re on the right, and it’s hard to believe anyone on the left would watch. Someone’s watching, but not a lot of people. Cavuto finished No. 15 and No. 68 in the ratings for the year, Shep Smith was No. 21, and CNN is just abysmal.

It’s incredibly boring watching Fox News on the weekend.

This fool gets a lot of air time too, but Fox Business hosts challenge him.

This goes on every weekend.

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