CNN blocked a historic supercut by Grabien’s Tom Elliott, took it off YouTube


CNN, which just hit a three-year ratings low, is very sensitive when being exposed for their rehearsed one-liners that all on-air hosts must repeat ad nauseum. Tom Elliott, the owner of Grabien, put a supercut together of one of their propaganda phrases and posted it on youtube.

CNN had it taken down even though it comes under “fair use.” It would be such a shame if it went viral.

In the clip, all the hosts are saying impeachment day is “historic.” Every day that they are ripping into the President is “historic” for these clowns. It’s not only “historic,” but it’s also a “very important day.”

CNN offers no facts or information, just propaganda.

Censorship from the far-left

David Ruiz of Free Beacon suggested he appeal. Turns out he had, but got a vague refusal back.


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