CNN Bombs! Hardly Anyone Watched CNN’s Horrifying Town Hall


CNN’s horrifying town hall lasted seven hours last night and managed to finish dead last in cable ratings for the entire time. Fox News averaged 2.5 million viewers compared to 1.1 million for CNN, according to Nielsen. MSNBC averaged 1.7 million.

They only averaged 1.1 million! Does that say more about the candidates or CNN? They had all the top Democrat candidates and it was the topic they want everyone to care about the most.

But…but…everyone is allegedly distraught over climate change.

Fox News averaged 3.2 million viewers compared to 2.1 million for MSNBC and 1.4 million for CNN.

At least most Americans were spared the horror of the Totalitarians blathering for seven hours.

During the night, we were bombarded with calls for economic destruction and trillions in debt for vague climate goals, the end of burgers, air travel, and gas engines. We even have Heil Bernie talking about eugenics and controlling the population by using our tax dollars to pay for abortions around the world. The ten candidates want to completely overhaul our economy and tell us what to do. They are totalitarians who think the only way to save us from global warming is to have a totalitarian government telling us what we can do, eat, say, and so on.

There is global warming but that’s not what these people care about, nor do they have any answers to affect the climate.

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