CNN Caught Putting Socialist on Panel to Pretend He’s a Disillusioned Trump Voter


CNN is a sorry excuse for a news network. They push fake news every day but their latest venture is beyond the pale. The New Day hosts and panel in the video are outrageous liars. CNN should call themselves the Goebbels network.

What you are about to see in the video is unadulterated propaganda. It’s incredible, it really is.

They put so-called Trump voters on a panel and one plant, who claimed to be a disillusioned Trump voter turned hater, is a Socialist. He has always hated President Trump.

At the end of the segment, the hosts elaborate on all the Trump voters on the panel. Alisyn Camerota starts out saying with a smirk “Those were all Trump voters”, and she knows they’re not.

The other host says even though the economy is booming, the President has hit a ceiling and what you see here on the panel is the ceiling. He added that they — the panel — will not support him because of the policies the President has on the southern border.

This comes via Red Elephants. Watch, it’s eye-opening.

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5 years ago

How soon before the Red Elephants starts getting strikes or have their channel completely removed.

It’s looking more and more like a “Conspiracy Theory” is becoming, ipso facto Truth. There is no countering that there is a concerted effort to remove as many Trump supporters, as possible, off social media.

Microsoft’s web hosting service has given notice to they could be removed because of certain posts. Their Domain Host also levied the same threats.

There have been two Court actions now that could put Twitter, at least, in the cross hairs. First, there was the “First Amendment” case of a ‘troll’ that a Judge determined could be Not blocked by Trump’s personal twitter account. The next case is the DNC being allowed by a Judge to serve a subpoena “via” Twitter.

I just wonder how long, and what would it take for members of Congress to step up and do something. This idea of a “private business” is getting to the point of absurdity. These are “platforms” and not some retail outfit. Would it be allowed if an ISP ‘refused’ to allow a certain business to be connected. Can a mall refuse to rent to a business because of some opinion. Shouldn’t THIS be of concern.

In the free speech argument and the First Amendment, the argument is silent on the other parts of the Amendment. This also includes “Freedom of the Press”, And religion. What IF, these Tech companies forbid journalists or certain Press outlets, as CNN, MSNBC, ABC etc., from their platforms. What IF, certain Domains and DNS removed them. Would the Press Then say they are “private companies”. OR, would they Scream all day, every day, about “Freedom of the Press”. This case with CNN should warrant their loss of certain “privileges” which seem to be the operative word for those being removed currently.