CNN Celebrates Red Underwear for Gayest New Year’s Ever


New Year’s Eve with CNN is a special time. It reminds you of all the reasons you probably shouldn’t waste your time tuning in to it in 2019.


Leyla Santiago, the hard-hitting reporter, asked people what color underwear they were wearing. It seems the investigative reporter has found “red underwear” is good for “the love”.  A little girl stood next to her at the time.


Bravo TV star Andy Cohen joined CNN’s Anderson Cooper to co-host the event last night. The duo spent some time whining about not being allowed to open an umbrella. In the interests of safety in the era of multiculturalism and the expected consequences — terrorists, the NYPD passed the rule — no umbrellas.

Cohen was bundled up and well-shielded from the rain. Still, he was furious that the Times Square Alliance repeatedly told him to get rid of his umbrella.

Andy’s longtime friend, Anderson Cooper, said Cohen spent an hour-and-a-half off-camera arguing with the Times Square official.

Well, of course, he did. The rules don’t apply to the left.

Cohen said when he refused to ditch his umbrella, the official threatened to pull CNN’s press credentials for next year. So he begrudgingly complied.

Never letting a politicized moment go to waste, Trump-hating Anderson said the Cohen feud reminded him of the arguments between Sarah Sanders and idiot showboater Jim Acosta.

The cameras turned to host Lisa Ling. She told the duo she was embedded with the New York Police Department when they asked.

“We are embedded with the NYPD out here tonight because as you can see, there’s a massive amount of people and it’s their job to keep all these people safe,” Ling said. “Not just people here in Times Square — but all over the city of New York. It’s an extraordinary effort.”

Cohen angrily snapped, “Lisa, ask the NYPD what their issue is with hosts having umbrellas.” Fortunately for CNN, Ling ignored him. Better not to hassle police over a stupid umbrella when they are trying to keep you safe.


Don Lemon wasn’t as plastered as usual, and he failed to call white men dangerous. He did, however, have his celebratory moments from kissing his boyfriend to announcing to Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen, who are both gay, that, “This is probably the gayest news show on the air.”

Cooper and Cohen seemed a bit taken aback and responded as if he meant ‘gay’ as is festive.

Nothing like bringing sex and identity politics into the festivities hosted by a news show on New Year’s Eve.

Lemon did say he was not drunk and then he said he’s dying to go to Mexico.

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