CNN CHEERS private companies deciding what acceptable speech is


If Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey or Sundar Pichai don’t like your ideas, they won’t let others see them. That’s the truth. The MSM is supporting censorship of all who are to the right of CNN because it works for them right now. It’s very short-sighted, however. They will be next.


CNN’s Brian Stelter reacted furiously against President Trump for tweeting in support of right-wing commentators who have been banned by Facebook. Censorship is working for the leftists right now so they are pleased. They will one day rue the day.

Censorship will eventually affect everyone and what they are allowed to see or hear.

Are we really in support of tech giants deciding what political information we can be exposed to?

The fact is the President isn’t advocating for Infowars, as CNN has claimed, he’s promoting free speech.

Fake News CNN Applauds the Loss of Free Speech

CNN is the station where Don Lemon talks about the missing Indonesian plane disappearing into a black hole.

Far-far-left Oliver Darcy attacked all the conservatives banned as radicals. Paul Joseph Watson was banned by Facebook and is not at all radical. He’s merely conservative. We don’t think Laura Loomer or Milo Yiannopoulos are radicals. One might criticize their dramatic tactics, but they stand up for free speech, Israel, non-radical topics.

Darcy, on the other hand, shouldn’t throw stones given the glass house he lives in.

Darcy frequently puts out dishonest articles claiming that conservative censorship is a fallacy. He accused the President of spreading fake news when he wasn’t.

Let Farrakhan Speak

CNN is a joke of a network and having them stand against free speech puts them in the category of activism and progressive commentary only. They can no longer be trusted in any way as a news organization.

While we’ve used Farrakhan as an example of a left-winger who doesn’t get banned for his anti-Semitism while non-violent right-wingers get censored, in the end, we don’t think Farrakhan should be banned either. Farrakhan is allowed to be a nasty anti-Semite. Let’s hear what this jerk Farrakhan is up to.

Free speech people!

The politically correct USA is an unpleasant and complicated place these days.

Look at CNN’s hatemonger, Navarro

Apparently Ana wants private companies to decide what we are allowed to see and read.

CNN Makes Up Stuff

Look at this nonsensical story CNN’s Cillizza came up with. It’s not based in any fact. CNN wants to get rid of anyone who might call them out. These nutjobs will be free to make up stories unfettered. Don’t shut them up, but let us contradict them.


Take this next story as an example of the stupidity of it all. Some advertisers don’t want their ads near certain words that are actually descriptors. Vice said the words describe their audience so they won’t blacklist them any longer.

Where and when will people draw the line? Free speech is being lost with all this PC nonsense.

Banning words is no different from banning books and from banning political opinions.

Get over yourself. You may be offended but free speech is worth it.

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