CNN Commenter Wants to Take Down Statues of Washington, Jefferson, All of Them


History is being erased and our Founding is about to be destroyed. The hardcore left started with Confederates because they were the most vulnerable but they won’t stop there. They hope to put up statues of Prince and other leftist heroes in place of the statues they have targeted.

A CNN commenter wants all the statues down. She wants George Washington down, Jefferson, all of them, erasing our Founding.

Attorney Angela Rye, a radical left-wing advocate and regular CNN commentator, said that because America’s Founding Fathers George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were slave owners their statues had to “come down,” and she added that America is now “close to repeating” the slavery and persecution of blacks of the 18th and 19th centuries.

That is truly insane.

In Dallas, the town fathers just voted to immediately remove the statue of Robert E. Lee from Robert E. Lee Park. A temporary restraining order has been issued.

In D.C., The National Cathedral is removing stained glass windows because they say they honor Confederates.

The Communist mayor of New York Bill De Blasio wants to get rid of the statues of Christopher Columbus. He said in an interview with the New York Post, “We’re trying to unpack 400 years of American history here. This is complicated stuff. But you know, it’s a lot better to be talking about it and trying to work through it than ignoring it because I think for a lot of people in this city and in this country, they feel that their history has been ignored or affronts to their history have been tolerated.”

In an interview with CBS, De Blasio showed more support for taking down the statue. He wrote the following in a tweet, “In the wake of Charlottesville, NYC will be conducting a 90-day review of all symbols of hate on city property.” Apparently Columbus is a symbol of hate.

It’s not only Columbus, he’s looking at Theodore Roosevelt, President Grant – a Union hero, Peter Stuyvesant and the list goes on and on.

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