CNN Contributor Cheers Violence of Antifa/BLM, Calls Them “Brave”


Ana Navarro is a Trump hating ‘Republican strategist’ with no sense of evenhandedness. Because Trump at first condemned the violence ‘on many sides’, Navarro ranted during a CNN panel discussion last night that, “This speech today was shameful. Here is the bottom line. This was not many sides. This is one side. It is white supremacists trying to instill terror in America.”

We can agree that the KKK and neo-Nazis are terrifying just by the nature of what they represent, even if the intent is to march peacefully. However, the opposing side is a leftist version of the same fascism.

Ben Ferguson tried to interrupt and explain that the President did condemn the vehicular attack and Navarro countered that Trump was sending a “dog whistle” to his base by playing the “many sides” card.

That sounds ridiculous to many of us but she’s entitled to her opinions though we wonder how she can read Trump’s mind. What she did next was promote and give the okay to the violent, crazy leftists.

Navarro responded to Ferguson’s defense of Trump by saying, “No, no, no, no. You can’t say this is both sides of violence. What we saw was some white supremacists and then what we saw was some brave people risking their lives and putting themselves in between white supremacists and what they were doing.”

No Navarro, what we saw were Antifa/Black Lives Matter loons on one side and KKK/Unite the Right/neo-Nazis et al loons on the other. We saw a radical right extremist madman plow into the Black Lives Matter and Antifa crowd, killing one women and wounding at least 19 others.

Can’t these people in the media tell the truth? And how brave is it to go around hitting reporters and beating people with bricks, flame throwers and sticks with nails as the left-wing did? The left-wing extremists came for trouble and were well-armed as were the right-wing extremists.

The leftists went to create violence, not to protect anyone.

It’s also important to note that the Antifa and Black Lives Matter movements are socialist and communist. Those two ideologies should never become mainstream and yet they are embraced by Democrats. Republicans do not embrace the right-wing crazies. Many of these so-called right-wing extremists are socialists. You can’t be a Republican, conservative or libertarian and be a socialist [Nazi is the National Socialist Party].

h/t Mediaite

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