CNN Couldn’t Beat Nickelodeon in the Ratings


CNN fell behind Nickelodeon in the ratings because a kid’s show has more to offer than they do. The network placed 11th in total viewers just below TNT and above USA Network, The Daily Caller reported. They averaged only 609 thousand viewers throughout the week.

Fox News was the only cable news channel to crack the top five with just over 2.6 million viewers. It came in above TNT but below ESPN at 2.63 million viewers.

During primetime, CNN placed 13th at 883 thousand.

In the key ages 25-54 demographic, CNN did manage to barely beat out MSNBC in both primetime and total viewers.

MSNBC for its part relies on Rachel Maddow to pull up their ratings.

Fox, on the other hand, had nearly double CNN’s primetime viewership with 25- to 54-year-olds at 478,000.

All cable news stations are going down which is why Fox is going to livestream with Fox Nation. It won’t help if they continue to move left.

CNN isn’t doing well because they’re liars, they’re boring, and all they have going for them is a hate Trump mantra.

In fact, that’s all the cable networks seem to rely on for news — Donald Trump — with Fox offering a more favorable view of the President.

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