CNN Doesn’t Even Pretend They’re Real News Any Longer — Look Who They Hired


CNN hired a non-journalist to cover the Sessions Department of Justice, according to a press release from the network. She has absolutely no experience in journalism but CNN’s intentions aren’t to engage in actual journalism.

They hired none other than the daughter of Valerie Jarrett,  Laura Jarrett.


Get this, she is a Harvard-educated “litigation attorney in Chicago” who focused on “defending companies and individuals in government investigations brought by the Justice Department and Securities and Exchange Commission, as well as complex commercial litigation.”

We just know she will objective!

Her most recent story filed for is titled, “Ethics paperwork still missing for Trump’s billionaire Cabinet picks.”

Who cares? Go file another story.

The Washington Free Beacon reported about her not wanting to be an objective reporter:

Jarrett has long wanted to work in television news, though being an objective reporter was not her original goal. She told Vanity Fair in a 2009 “Bright Young Things” profile that her chief ambition was to “work as a TV-news legal analyst.” Her favorite cause was “promoting civil rights and social equality for women and minorities.”

They either think Americans are extremely stupid or they just don’t care that they look like fake news.

By now, people know that Valerie Jarrett has been rumored to move into the Obama mansion in D.C. where the Obamas, Jarrett and others plan to mobilize organizers to oust the President of the United States. Even if she isn’t moving in, she’ll be staying there a lot.

As HotAir stated, Jarrett earned the title “the Night Stalker” because she regularly followed Obama home from the West Wing at the end of the work day.



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