CNN Ends Interview Abruptly When Dem Leader Says CIA Has No Evidence of Trump-Russia Collusion


CNN immediately ended the interview when a leading Democrat revealed that the CIA has no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.

Watch what Senator Dianne Feinstein says.

Could he have cut the interview off any faster? CNN is not news, it’s leftist propaganda.

CNN hasn’t been factual news in a very long time. My Navy friend told me they would all sit around and watch the reporting on the Iraq War and laugh because not a word of it was true. None of it resembled what ws actually going on, she told me.

The investigation into the Trump-Russia investigation is a fishing expedition, which is illegal. If people want to talk constitutional crisis, this is one.




  1. Every politician that has been asked whether there is any evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, the answer is none so far, how far will they take this political theater? today Sen. Grassley said now that Comey is gone, he wants the FBI to publicy tell the American people if Trump is under investigation, just a yes or a no, apparently Senator Dianne Feinstein is on board with his request, both are on the Senate intel committee and have questioned Comey in closed door sessions, I think they know the answer is NO!!! they just want the FBI to tell the public and media!!

  2. There is no quality control in the media. If the media was serving food, there would be many poison victims.

  3. You’re making a big deal about something that isn’t there. He was winding up the interview with that question and then acknowledges her answer. There was no “abrupt” ending.

    • Yes there was an abrupt ending because if she would’ve said that there was some evidence then he would’ve questioned her further. But since it didn’t further his agenda he stopped the interview

    • Yes there was an abrupt ending. Because if she would’ve said there was avalanche then he would’ve questioned her further. But because there wasn’t and it didn’t fit his agenda he ended the interview

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