CNN: FBI Chose San Bernardino Case to Set Precedent


tim cook

The FBI’s case demanding Apple build backdoor software to access the phone of a San Bernardino killer is one that is almost impossible to turn down. Everyone wants us to be safe and terrorists caught, they want the phone cracked, and we hardly have privacy anyway.

On the other hand, if Apple gives away their secrets, compromising their customers privacy, anyone will be able to hack it. We also know how the government handles privacy – just ask Hillary Clinton. Police Commissioner Bill Bratton in New York City has already said he has ideas on how this can be used by law enforcement.

Apple has built their entire product around privacy and security. The government is insisting they give it all up and give them the key or code to break all peer-to-peer encryption.

Microsoft and Google have joined Apple and support their position.

CNN has a theory that this case was deliberately chosen.

REPORTER JIM SCIUTTO: “Our justice reporter, Evan Perez is following this story. Evan, starting with this, when you look at this, just how much legal pressure is there on apple right now?”

EVAN PEREZ: “This is a lot of legal pressure, Jim. Because the FBI is — there is no — there is no mistake here that the FBI chose this case to test this issue. This is an issue that’s been boiling for some time. And they have chosen this issue, because we’re talking about a terrorist attack that killed 14 people. We’re talking about an attack that happened in the United States. And in this case, it’s a cell phone owned by the San Bernardino county health department which employed Saeed… And what Apple is saying they don’t have right now the technical capability to break into cell phones. The FBI and this judge agrees, saying, look, you’ve got to figure it out. You’ve got to figure out software that you can load on to this phone to be able to bypass the security feature, the security feature basically is this. That if you enter a password more than ten times, the data on this cell phone automatically erases…”


Rush Limbaugh said something similar to CNN. He said something very true – Apple cares more about the privacy and security of the American people than the government. Think Hillary!


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