CNN Guest Says It’s Media’s Job to Call Trump a ‘Racist’ & ‘Misogynist’


A Baltimore Sun media critic David Zurawik said on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” Sunday that it’s the media’s job to call President Donald Trump a “racist.”

Host Brian Stelter was discussing a Trump campaign ad about illegal immigration, which CNN refused to run on its network. The critic congratulated CNN on standing up to the president’s racism.

“That was a really great stand to take on it, Zurawik said. “We have to. We have to call [Trump] racist.” And that’s not all, he says, “We have to call him a misogynist when he says things, the things he says about women.”

Stelter said Zurawik went too far saying the media must call Trump racist, but Zurawik doubled down. He stands by it.

CNN also said there were a couple mistakes in the ad, but that doesn’t make it racist.

Watch this short clip with the critic:

Basically, what they are saying is if an illegal alien murders two innocent sheriff’s deputies and mocks them, threatening the victims’ families in court, it’s racist to post an ad depicting it. If the alien is a white Britisher, that might have been okay.

That is what happened in the case of the man depicted in the ad, Luis Bracamontes.

Perhaps what they are really afraid of is it would hit home and they would rather get some mileage out of pretending it’s racist.

We thought the media’s job was unbiased reporting, guess not.

This is the ad CNN and their Democrats don’t want you to see:

What do you think?



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