CNN Hails “Brave” Reporter for Harassing Donald Trump


CNN praised the “brave” CNN reporter who rudely harassed Donald Trump during his first presser since his election. Jim Acosta rudely demanded Trump let him ask a question which set off an angry back-and-forth, concluding with Trump calling him fake news.

After the presser, Acosta verbally attacker Sean Spicer who told him he’d be thrown out the next time he does it.

The reporter speaking said Trump and his surrogates haven’t addressed the essential facts of the story.

Those words prove they are spreading fake news. There are no facts.

What Acosta was hoping to do, along with others in the media, was to get Trump bogged down in a vulgar discussion about salacious accusations made in the report to embarrass him. They were baiting him and it didn’t work.

The report was a compilation of gossip planted by the Russians and paid for by political assassins in the Democrat Party.


The following video shows what CNN calls an innocent review of the gossipy report.

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