CNN Hired an Al-Qaeda Propagandist to Film Their Syria Documentary


Bilal Abdul Kareem

CNN is being acclaimed for a documentary put together by an al-Qaeda propagandist. Now that’s CNN news!

Bilal Abdul Kareem is miffed that his online media outlet, On the Ground News, which was contracted by CNN to film the documentary Undercover in Syria, has barely been mentioned by CNN. The film has won a number of prestigious awards but his name has all but disappeared from view.

It’s a fact that Abdul Kareem’s name was a mere footnote in the Peabody Awards press release on its honoring of CNN. Everyone else was praised, but Kareem was given credit in very tiny print.

It won the Overseas Press Club Award. CNN President Jeff Tucker delivered the keynote address.  Again, the CNN correspondent Clarissa Ward was celebrated but there was no mention of Abdul Kareem.

The reason could very well be Kareem’s occupation. You see, CNN hired one of the top propagandists for Al-Qaeda in Syria, Jabhat al-Nusra, and other extremist groups,  AlterNet reports.

Abdul Kareem denied the accusation of this affiliation in a Facebook video response. However, one of Abdul Kareem’s closest colleagues has also been accused of membership in Syria’s al-Qaeda franchise.

Akif Razaq, an employee of Abdul Kareem’s online media group, On the Ground News, was recently stripped of British citizenship for his alleged involvement with al-Nusra.

During Abdul Kareem’s Facebook video response to the Al Arabiya report naming his affiliation, he was seated beside Razaq. Razaq has also co-hosted On the Ground News segments with him.

AlterNet contacted rebels inside Syria who confirmed that Kareem is not only a propagandist for al-Nusra, but it’s a well-known fact.

AlterNet contacted the senior press manager for CNN International, along with CNN’s Middle East press officer and public relations coordinator, to request comment on Abdul Kareem’s relationship to the network.

CNN did not respond.

AlterNet compiled extensive evidence which you can read in detail on the link.

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