CNN Holds Mock Debate-Infomercial with Democrat Candidates


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We watch these debates so you don’t have to because we care about our readers. There is a big “surprise” at 2:00 on the mark in the video below.

One thing is evident, these candidates don’t give a hoot about terrorism or foreign policy other than to do what Obama has done – nothing much.

CNN held a debate that wasn’t a debate last night. Each candidate came out separately and responded to prepared questions given by faux independent questioners. It was really a forum for each candidate to bloviate. They redefined the word “debate” for this one.

O’Malley isn’t worth mentioning so we will skip over him.

This is painful so I’ll tell you where to go on the video to listen to the key comments.

Crazy commie Bernie combed his hair and looked more normal than he actually is. He said he has the background for the job [he has had no success in Congress outside of naming post offices]. Sanders was very supportive of Hillary as usual.

At 11:25, he says his socialist ideas [of overturning capitalism and raising the deficit by $18 trillion in four years] are not radical.

At 11:37, he said everyone will get free Medicare for All as a human right. He didn’t explain how he’d pay for it.

At 18:59, he went onto his usual angry, crazy rant against Wall Street. As for Big Government, he’s all in and wants free college for everyone who has the a ability and the desire. Expect a lot more remedial education at the college level under a President Sanders.

At 34:06, he raves about Hillary but addressed issues they disagree with. He had interminable minutes to rant and was barely interrupted. Chris Cuomo and canned questions helped him along his merry rant.

Hillary came in about 1:27. Real tough questions! [irony here] Hillary had canned answers to the canned questions that were obviously well-rehearsed. She embraced President Obama once again [she doesn’t want to be indicted for her crimes]

Chris Cuomo started by reading a rave endorsement by the Boston Globe that called her “wicked smart”.

At 1:31, she cackles. Actually, she cackled a lot.

At 1:34, she starts screaming about how she has been on the front lines of fighting for young people. She’s just a victim and there’s nothing to any of the accusations.

At 1:35, she said she has a forty year record of going after inequality and talks about sexual inequality and homophobic inequality. It was only 14 years ago when she said she was opposed to gay marriage and that is allegedly sexual inequality.

At 1:36, she took credit for her husband’s and Newt Gingrich’s successes during Bill’s tenure.

At 1:38, a man said he was a supporter after the Benghazi hearings. Hello? She lied constantly during the hearings.

At 1:47, a Muslim woman in a black hijab and who allegedly served in the US Air Force asked a meaningless question to give Hillary a platform for an Islamophobia rant. She was a prop. She had to be.

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The best moment of the night was at 2:00. A young man said, “Secretary Sanders, er, uh, Clinton, I can see why they gave you this question, then, I just wanted to know which of our previous presidents have inspired you most.”

Catch that? He gave it all away. The people with the questions were props who were given questions to ask.

Hillary picked Abraham Lincoln so she could pander to anti-war proponents and black people.

It was an infomercial tagged deceitfully as a debate.

Watch if you want to punish yourself for something.

For your listening pleasure.


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