CNN Host Blasts Those Who Think Anti-Gun Movement Isn’t Organic


CNN’s Ana Navarro is a CNN version of the right-wing, but she’s to the left of many Democrats. This evening, she blasted the Republican so-called “conspiracy theorists” who think that the student movement against guns isn’t organic.

“I am mad as hell at any conservative conspiracist theory, you know that is saying that these kids are indoctrinated. Even my colleague here at CNN, I’m mad at him because it is unacceptable to attack these kids. It has been only a week. They are organic, they are activists not because they want to be, but because they happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and suffered such a tragedy.”

There is no doubt that there are students who are sincere. All of them are likely sincere, but this movement is not organic. That’s not an attack, it’s simply a fact.


It stretches credulity to believe a handful of students could launch a massive nationwide movement in days.

As it turns out Everytown is funding it and Soros-funded groups like the Women’s March are supporting it. Dates have been reserved, buses are being lined up, and venues have been selected.

The leaders of the group are Democrat students who might well be traumatized but they are members of a theater group and at least one of them, David Hogg, son of an FBI agent, and a student journalist for Sun-Sentinel, was caught on tape being rehearsed by CNN.

Another one of the student leaders, Emma Gonzalez, sounded exactly like CNN and spouted their talking points, which you can hear on this link.

Photos of them smiling away abound and it doesn’t help their case. This next one was before their CBS appearance. Speaking of CBS, they say there was a common thread among the families who met with the President today — they’re at the breaking point. That may be true of them, but it’s not true of the majority of the nation. CBS and these groups want you to believe everyone feels as they do.

The left is exploiting traumatized families.

In addition to Bloomberg’s Everytown, there are myriad other groups involved.

Women’s March Youth Empower is behind the “grassroots” group. The leaders of this group are Ziad Ahmed, the youth advisor, Hannah Rosenzweig, Adam Jacobs, and Jackson Hyland Lipski. They are very aggressive and very hard-left.

Also involved: #Enough, Rock the Vote, Teen Vogue, Peace First, Rise To Run, The Gathering for Justice, and Justice League NYC.

Despite what Navarro says, this is not an organic movement.

We also disagree with them about the weapon the murderer used being the cause. The cause was his evil and mentally disturbed nature. The system also let us down with no less than four agencies not following up adequately. In fact, the FBI ignored two warnings, one was very specific. The leaders of the youth groups, David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez want people to believe the FBI’s failure is Trump’s failure because he is in charge of the FBI. if that were true, he’d be firing them left-and-right.

It also doesn’t help their case when they continually say to vote for politicians who will ban “assault” rifles. It makes it appear to be a Get Out the Vote effort as much as anything.



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