Iranian-Born CNN Host Reza Aslan Calls the President a POS


CNN host and creative writing professor, Reza Aslan really needs to be fired if CNN hopes to maintain any semblance of credibility, not that they have much.

Because Donald Trump tweeted that these terror attacks show a need for a travel ban, Aslan tweeted, “This piece of shit is not just an embarrassment to America and a stain on the presidency. He’s an embarrassment to humankind.”

This is how he thanks his adopted country.

Aslan has since removed the tweet, but we have a screenshot:

Conservative Mark Dice responded:

Aslan responded again without the vulgarity.

He did apologize for what little it’s worth. Perhaps, Gloria Allred’s daughter will set up a press conference for him where he can blame Trump for what he said.

He’s insincere. It’s exactly like him.

Here is one of Aslan’s tweets from 2013.

Aslan has a habit of throwing around vulgar and hate-filled insults on Twitter. Even Buzzfeed pointed that out. His followers love his behavior.

Aslan has called Jesus a violent revolutionary while defending Islam as just a religion, forgetting about Sharia law

There are many other tweets by Aslan tossing around the words “sh*t,” “f**k,” “dumbass” and “idiot.”

He hates non-believers and is an apologist for radicalism in his religion and for the Iranian regime.

During a lecture in Salt Lake City in 2010, Aslan said, “Nothing can stop the spread of Islam. There are those who would try, but it simply will not happen. Absolutely nothing can stop the spread of Islam.”

If world demographic trends continue, Aslan said, the world will soon be home to more Muslims than Roman Catholics. That growth will shape not just the world but also the United States, where American Muslims favor congregating in “garage mosques” and Islamic centers over places of worship more traditional to the Middle East.

“Are we ready for it? The answer is one we as individuals must face,” Aslan added.

Aslan has falsely claimed that female genital mutilation is not an Islamic problem, and he has lied about his credentials.


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