CNN Host Tells the Panel to Get Out of CNN Land, Trump Had a Good Week


Political scientist and President of the Eurasia Group Ian Bremmer appeared on CNN Friday morning and told the hosts that if they wanted to get the big picture, they needed to get out of “CNN land.”

“We need the big picture on this. It seems to me that since the Helsinki summit, a lot has changed, a lot has come out. There’s been breaking news on our watch every single morning,” one host said.

Th host went into the no-never-mind issues Michael Cohen instigated this week.

What Bremmer said next in response was probably an unpleasant surprise for the hate-Trump panel.

“You really want the big picture?” Bremmer asked. “This has been a good week for Trump. We get out of CNN Land for just a second, and 4-percent growth in the United States. The Europeans backed down on trade; he now looks like a winner on that front. The North Koreans? More progress with remains coming back.”

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