CNN Hosts Get Plastered While Melania Graces Mar-A-Lago with Elegance


CNN’s New Year’s Eve host Anderson Cooper and his co-host Andy Cohen became plastered on TV, taking hourly shots of tequila. Randy Kaye did a champagne bong.

While Melania Trump looked and behaved with grace and elegance, her media detractors acted like fools. But they won’t give Melania credit for her class. The idiots insulted her shoes and her pants this week.

The First Lady didn’t get drunk and act like a fool. She’s always reliably great. She posted a selfie:

While Melania posted just her selfie, several party guests, including the United Nations Ambassador of The Commonwealth of Dominica, Paolo Zampolli, his wife, model Amanda Ungaro, and conservative activist Charlie Kirk, posted their own pics with the first lady at the Florida bash, Fox News reported.


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New Year 2019! MIA

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Happy New Year everybody

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POTUS absence was truly missed, all friends & family respected POTUS unconditional commitment tor AMERICA

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4 years ago

Anderson Cooper, ugh! I guess that they want to show the country that “they’re down with the homies” under the guise that “the homies” will buy their b.s. the other 364 days of the year. One problemo, “the homies” are too busy on the PS4’s and Xboxes and even if they weren’t too busy playing games, “the homies” have no love for the “po-po” no matter who they are.

Great photographs of FLOTUS and guests. MAGA CLASS!