CNN Hosts Openly Mock Whites for Thinking They’re Discriminated Against


CNN host Don Lemon and commenter, Marxist Marc Lamont Hill, openly mocked white people who feel discriminated against. A recent poll showed that 92% of black people feel discriminated against while 55% of white people feel discrimination against whites is a problem.

Hill and Lemon seem to believe that it’s rare for white people to be discriminated against and if they feel they are it’s simply more of their “white privilege.”

So-called “white privilege” is a leftist concept meant to blanket the image of white people.

Hill said white people aren’t being discriminated against for being white, which is demonstrably not true. Whites are right now the butt of the left’s attacks. The leftist mantra is whites being in the majority is the same as being in “power” and “privileged”.

Listen for yourself.

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