CNN ‘Journalist’ Acosta Trashes Trump & Sarah Sanders in NY


CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta slammed President Trump and his press secretary, Sarah Sanders on Monday during a panel discussion in New York, Sara A. Carter reported.

The inept ‘journalist’ said Trump was a “dishonest, deceptive” person who built his political career on lies.

As a journalist, he is required to be neutral. He isn’t supposed to be creating the news.

About Sarah Sanders, he said, he wouldn’t include her name or the Presidents in the same sentence with the word “productive”. He went on to say that Sanders “performs for the president” during press briefings to maintain her job.

This from the CNN trained monkey.

There are many offensive people on this clip, but you can go to about 04:28 for Acosta.

These people are unhinged. Joe Scarborough appears to be comparing the President to Hitler.

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