CNN Keeps Reporting the Trump Tower Lie As If It Wasn’t Debunked


The host of CNN’s media criticism show “Reliable Sources” Brian Stelter, interviewed Trump hater Carl Bernstein on Sunday. He is one of the reporters who wrote a debunked story claiming former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen said President Donald Trump approved of or knew about the infamous Trump Tower meeting beforehand.

It was based on anonymous sources and one of them was Lanny Davis, the Cohen-Clinton lawyer who lied about it but finally fessed up with a weak apology this past week.

The “Reliable” show didn’t report the truth but they did call President Trump a “liar” several times.

Axios reported on Wednesday that Cohen told Congress he didn’t know if Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting beforehand. That is why the truth came out. That doesn’t matter to CNN. They just keep reporting the fake story.

CNN has still not corrected the fake story on their website as of this evening.

They’re still fake news! Don’t you love it when CNN gets so indignant over being called fake news?

You can read more at The Daily Caller.

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