CNN Knew Who Was Behind the Riots in Several Major US Cities But Didn’t Report It

This is the second day of riots which the media is fueling. MSM is hyping them for ratings. The reporters will not report who are behind these riots. It’s George Soros, the Socialist Party, the Revolutionary Communist Party and others.

Instead, the media makes it about Donald Trump. What CNN did this evening, and even what Megyn Kelly reported tonight, serve as good examples of how they treat this information. They shouldn’t call themselves news reporters. They are more like disinformation relayers.

CNN reporter Jean Casarez let it slip who is behind the riots, at least one of the groups behind the riots:

“This was promoted by Socialist Advantage and one of the things they said the purpose of this rally was for was, was to not only protest the election of Donald Trump the 45th president of the United States but also to protest that the Democratic party had let them down.”

Socialist Advantage is also known as Socialist Alternative. It is the Socialist Party. The riots in each city are well-planned and the signs are professionally printed. The chant this evening, in each city, is, “Not my president”.

CNN has known who backs these riots but they only reported it by accident – a slip of the tongue.

Communist VanJones was on this evening saying the people are afraid of internment camps. Do these college-age kids look like they’re afraid of anything, much less internment camps? That’s a provable lie.

The media knows these people are Socialists and Communists but won’t report it. We now know for certain that there are other groups involved including MoveOn which is funded by George Soros. Also involved is the Revolutionary Communist Party. They are at every riot and print up many of the signs.

The riots are in New York, Chicago, Portland, Minneapolis, LA, Cleveland, and a number of other cities.

The Astroturf were shutting down the I-94 in Minneapolis. The “protesters” want people to think they number in the thousands but it looks to be a few hundred.

On their way to shutting down the highway traffic, they vandalized GOP headquarters.


Megyn Kelly just spent time on her show talking about these riots and never once mentioned George Soros, Socialist Advantage or MoveOn. No one ever mentions the Revolutionary Communist Party, even when they are waving one of their RevCom signs in front of their faces.

Even after losing all their credibility, the media will keep on lying to us. They want to keep us dumb and compliant. The left likes to call Trump a Nazi but they refuse to mention the fact that Soros was a Nazi sympathizer.

The Revolutionary Communist Party is also behind this. They made up some of the signs. You can see them in this clip.



  1. Thanks for opening my eyes! I immigrated from Poland as political refugee, avoiding communist persecutions. Seeing that communism is alive and well in the USA is utterly scary!! As the society, we shall do all efforts to uproot this disgraceful idea from our country – just like many countries of Eastern Europe did twenty five years ago. Communist agitators, who are behind the violent street riots shall be brought to justice. George Soros is the first on the list!

  2. It looks like The Great October Revolution of 1917 replayed on the North American continent. People just don’t know the history and they give in to the manipulation. I grew up in the Soviet Union and all this is very familiar. It is very sad, those who support this don’t realize where it will lead: no freedom, totalitarian control by the state, shortage of everything for the general population except for a small elite group.

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