CNN Lambasts Hillary Now



Everyone knows Hillary Clinton’s campaign stinks but what they don’t necessarily realize is that the terminal flaw is the candidate herself.

CNN doesn’t like the way she talks to young people.

CAROL COSTELLO: “And even when Hillary Clinton like tries to talk directly to relatively young people, she uses cutesy stuff. In fact, remember when she rolled out that cutesy stuff, she was tweeting supporters asking them to describe how their student loan debt makes them feel in three emojis or less. (Laughter) I mean take a look. students don’t really relate to that kind of talk. They want to be talked to like adults don’t they?”

UNKNOWN MALE: “Exactly. These are adults. And in New Hampshire where the young vote is going to be critical, it is not even so much the younger of the young vote. Most of the people under 35 lean more towards the 35 end of the scale than towards the 18 or 19 end of the scale. And talking to college kids or young adults in a way like that, it is condescending a somewhat demeaning. And certainly Sanders is much more direct with them, and telling them that they are the future, and laying it out that it is their responsibility to make changes.”

It’s because she’s a phony, condescending, arrogant and a liar. She is so programmed that she has no clue how to even act naturally.


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