CNN Mean Girls Mock, Laugh at, Bash Omarosa After Reports She Was Fired


Aril Ryan is a CNN and American Urban Network reporter who has been known to frequently spread inaccurate information and she might have spread quite a bit of it about Omarosa, the presidential aide who has been working with Donald Trump since his Apprentice Days. On Wednesday, Ryan claimed that Omarosa was fired and escorted out of the White House by Secret Service. That was fake news.

April said Omarosa was fired after she screamed and cursed at John Kelly, adding that she had to be escorted out by Secret Service. Some said Omarosa was dragged out of the building.

The Secret Service was forced to respond.

Omarosa also denied the report and said April Ryan has been spreading false stories about her for a year. She added that she resigned and is leaving January 20th.

Ryan then appeared on a CNN panel where the panel insulted and mocked Omarosa. They laughed at what might be the presidential aide’s firing. Omarosa’s offense is being black and working for President Trump.

Omarosa is apparently going to bash the White House or some people in the White House after her last day on January 20th. Just what President Trump needs – a vengeful ex-employee who is also black.

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Flotmorton P Gildersleeve
Flotmorton P Gildersleeve
5 years ago

Whaaaat…..You expect any different conduct?