CNN News Report: Deranged Shooter Is Courageous and Brave for Attacking Police Headquarters


Frederica Whitfield copy

Update: 06/15/15: Frederica, after being hammered by the police who demanded an apology, finally said she misspoke but did not give an apology. She did say she didn’t mean it.

Frederica Whitfield (pictured above), a CNN anchor, asked a criminal defense attorney acting as talking head, asked him about the Dallas shooting of police headquarters by a deranged criminal.

“It was very courageous and brave, if not crazy as well, to open fire on the police headquarters, and now you have this scene, this standoff. So you believe these are the hallmarks of more than one person’s involvement.”

Maybe we could give him an award for bravery posthumously? Let’s not be chintzy, let’s make it the Congressional Medal of Honor.

If he blew up the CNN newsroom, would that be courageous too.

The brave guy, James Boulware is pictured below:



The brave shooter with a history of delusional thought is believed to be the one who opened fire from an armored van and then fled. Police caught up with him in Hutchins at a gas station and shot the brave man down. We must open open a police investigation.

There may have been four shooters according to eyewitnesses. Eyewitnesses are often unreliable. For now, Boulware is the only suspect. It is not known where he got an armored van.

In 2013 , Boulware was involved in a family argument, choking his mother and assaulting his uncle, before going to his brother’s house in Paris, where he took multiple weapons, ammo, and body armor. You have to be brave to do that.

Pardon my sarcasm but this comment is calling out for it. Let’s hope she doesn’t believe what she said.

Listen to this ridiculousness:

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John smith
John smith
7 years ago

CNN and the other Left-loon networks need to be shutdown for perpetrating lies or at least come with a warning sign that Watching these
programs may leave you dumber than you were before you switched to their channel. God Save America from these crazy

7 years ago

Her statement was clear – the man was brave, maybe not crazy.
She is sure about the braveness, unsure of the craziness.

“It was very courageous and brave, if not crazy as well…”

CNN viewers will continue to watch, their lack of judgement is chronic.