CNN panel slams Biden for not answering a fundamental question


A CNN panel actually slammed Joe Biden for not answering a fundamental question about when he knew about Hunter’s position on the board of Burisma, the Ukraine oil and gas company at the center of the recent controversy.

In the clip below, they play a Joe Biden soundbite in which he says he doesn’t discuss business with his family because ”he doesn’t want to know…uh…” He quickly corrected himself but for a second there, it sounded like he wants plausible deniability.

Perhaps a more fundamental question would now be to ask him if he did accept $900,000 in consultation/lobbying fees from Burisma. A senior member of Parliament in Ukraine made the claim and said he has the documents to prove it. At least that is what Rudy Giuliani reported on ’Hannity’ this past week.

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