Fake News Network CNN Caught Planting a Question During Cruz-Sanders Debate


CNN, “The Most Trusted Name in Fake News”, planted at least one question during the Cruz-Sanders debate last night. Look closely at the email she received that states “Your Question”.

A Ms. Hardaway read a question about how she has MS and couldn’t afford insurance. She had to move out of her home state of Texas because they refuse to expand Medicaid, she complained. Hardaway now lives in Maryland, gets Medicaid, and can now work as a teacher’s aide. She said “she likes her insurance, can she keep it?”

Very clever of CNN to add that last line.

If you go to about 1:07, you will see this screenshot titled “your question”.


A reddit user saved me a lot of time and listed some of CNN’s other fake news events with links

CNN was caught telling focus group what to say live on air after Debates

CNN cuts congressman’s feed when he brings up WikiLeaks

CNN employee and DNC’s Donna Brazille provided debate questions to Hillary Clinton prior to the debate

CNN says it’s ILLEGAL for you to read the Wikileaks/Hillary Clinton emails

Podesta emails: CNNs Wolf Blitzer gets his questions for Trump directly from the DNC

CNN guest calls Assange a pedophile without any evidence or challenge from the host

Let’s not forget this: DNC and Podesta emails: Compilation of emails outlining the DNC-MSM collusion as well as the DNC plot to subvert the Sanders campaign (from /r/DNCleaks)

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5 years ago

So where are the links?