CNN Prepped an Angry Mob to Attack, Dana Loesch Explains


The CNN town hall looked like the Salem witch trials and goody-two-shoes Sheriff Israel showed righteous agreement to applause at Dana Loesch’s expense. The sanctimonious hypocrite Israel, at that point, knew his deputies stood outside doing nothing while the shooting went on.

Israel knew about the many failures of the systems in Florida from the FBI to the police and to the school.

Dana Loesch Explains How the Crowd Was Prepped by CNN

During the Federalist Radio Hour, Loesch described how she was led to the stage. She felt like she was being led to a wrestling match, her playing the role of the despised opponent. The crowd was whipped up in the hour before she was questioned.

They had music that was playing. They had montages that they were flashing across the screen. They had a number of speakers from the school and from the community. They had the sheriff go up and speak. He mentioned special interest groups, referring to the membership of the NRA.

Then they brought the politicians out…and that was the first hour. After all of this was already happening, after emotions were already running high, and after CNN put everyone together and cranked up, really trying to wind people up even more.

I had no questions in advance. It was even weird the way they had us walk out because it was like entering like you were a boxer or like WWE. You were walking up to the stage and they had music playing. You had to walk in aisles with all these people screaming and you had to walk toward the stage. That’s how you entered.

At one point, a student had a question for Dana that she directed at Democratic Senator Nelson. Tapper could have let Nelson answer it but that would have put Nelson on the spot since he will run for governor. Perhaps Tapper wanted Dana on the spot instead.

If you watch the town hall, it was not an organic uprising of all the students and families. The audience was of one mind. CNN is of one mind. CNN did have tight controls on the “debate” so why didn’t they control the mob when they were out of control?

Some pundits say CNN just lost control but it was CNN who whipped them up for an hour before. They made no effort to ask for or demand civility at any time.

In Conclusion

CNN has been non-stop blaming Republicans, the NRA and President Trump for the murders in Parkland. They did this all while demanding gun control. CNN whipped up a lynch mob for their town hall. They did nothing to provide fair and balanced coverage.

One narrative was out: Republicans must be defeated and everyone wants gun control.

CNN’s town hall was nothing but an anti-Republican hate fest. There was almost exclusively ONE point of view presented. By way of contrast, some of the kids behaved horribly, and CNN did nothing to stop it when it was directed at Senator Rubio or NRA rep Dana Loesch.

The well-rehearsed student journalist David Hogg called NRA members child murderers. Another angry attendee told Marco Rubio that when he looks at Rubio, he sees gunman Nikolas Cruz.


  1. As you in mentioned Sara in a previous article about an entire generation being manipulated….

    In Dana’s speech at CPAC she said she would not have made it out of there without a private security detail, and how they shouted “burn her”. It’s absolutely medieval.

    If that’s what CNN did, inciting school kids into a mob, given their past actions I wouldn’t put it past them. And if kids get hurt, or Dana, they’d probably blame Dana and the NRA.

    I’ve felt for some time that by their increasingly blatant lies and hypocrisy, the lefty zealots have been so given over to their master, and as Christian, by that I mean Satan himself.

  2. ” David Hogg called NRA members child murderers” This ignorant little wanna be journalist would fit right in at CNN/MSNBC, right after the Texas church shooting in Sutherland Springs the left-wing nutjobs went after the NRA just like now, the shooter, Devin Kelley had red flags all over him like Cruz, Kelley had been convicted of brutally abusing his wife and infant stepson and received a bad conduct discharge from the Air Force for doing it. Even before that–before his conviction–Kelley had escaped from a mental hospital. the U.S. Air Force failed to inform law enforcement about Kelley’s military conviction for domestic violence, that would have prevented him buying a gun, Stephen Willeford with his own AR15 stopped Kelly from shooting more people is an NRA member and,a former NRA instructor,after all this the left went bonkers, even cuckoo bird Joe Biden said Stephen Willeford Who Took Down Texas Church Shooter Shouldn’t Have Had an AR-15, these people have one goal, total firearm confiscation period.

  3. The segment with the Senator was conclusive that the event Was a scripted event. Tapper went to Great lengths so as to Not put Nelson “on the spot”.

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