CNN Proves They’re Fake News by Tying Trump to the Annapolis Killer


This has to be a new low, even for CNN. Their star propagandist Jim Acosta is trying to tie the mass shooting at The Capital Gazette to the President.

The monster who committed the crime had a personal vendetta against the newspaper and had been threatening them for the past five years over a failed lawsuit.

Truth doesn’t matter to CNN or their Goebbels-like reporter Jim Acosta.

When the President talks about some media as the enemy of the people, he is talking about the yellow journalists who see their job as activists trying to destroy the President, Republicans, and their supporters. These are arrogant people who look down on their political opponents. They plan to save us from ourselves.

Most Americans see it the same way as the President, not because of anything Trump says but because we see it ourselves. Watch the rude reporter in action:

The media is applauding Acosta’s efforts to falsely tie the President to this maniac with a grudge. This is why we don’t trust the media. We know it’s a false connnection.

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