CNN: ‘Random Websites’ to Blame for Their Partisan Coverage of Smollett


Brian Stelter, the bald Hillary

It’s looking more and more like the Jussie Smollett case was a hoax planned by the Trump-hating Smollett to make Trump supporters and the President look bad. If that is true, don’t expect an apology from the media, the politicians, and the celebrities who jumped on the story to hurt the right. They are already gaslighting.

CNN was the first out of the box with dishonest reporting as they updated the Jussie Smollet story, which looks like a probable hoax. The media immediately presented it as a bona fide attack by Trump supporters wearing Maga hats and screaming homophobic slurs and ranting “It’s Maga country” as they beat up gay, black Jussie. They did not doubt it or question it and they were not cautious.

They used it to bash the right, especially the President, with ad hominem attacks.

In the clip from Grabien co-founder Tom Elliott, the CNN host begins by asking Brian Stelter for his reaction to “This awful, awful news.” She later asked how someone could do this to the media. Huh?


Stelter said the police called Jussie’s lawyers last night and told them they want to speak with Smollet. It’s in his court now.

Stelter then said the story had “political connotations” that were “undeniable” from the beginning, adding this story became “polarizing on day one.” What Stelter left out is the media jumped on the story, accepted it as truth, and they are now casting aside their guilt in making it “polarizing.” They didn’t simply report the story, and it wasn’t the fault of others. The problem began with the partisan media hacks.

The host, SE Cupp said, “the media had to cover this cautiously and responsibly” as if they actually did do that. She then asked how the media did in reporting. He responded by saying some media “tried to be very careful” but since TMZ said it was an attack by a Trump supporter, it became polarizing.

TMZ is a cheap tabloid that gets some things right, but not a lot and, in the least, they should have been neutral. Instead of trying to be careful as he put it, they should have been careful.

He means right-wing websites

Then came the Stelter kicker. He said, “when you look at those random sites,” you can end up thinking this could be “weaponized in many different ways.”

In other words, the media screwed up because of all the random right-wing websites. He is blaming the right for what the left did.

Stelter is gaslighting us here. The only weaponization was conducted by the media, not the right — by the believers, not the doubters as one commenter put it.

The media pounced and kept it up even though on the 14th, the LA Times said the police thought it was a hoax. This is Kavanaugh, BuzzFeed, and the Covington Boys all over again and instead of apologizing, they are covering it up.

Right-wing websites had to be somewhat skeptical and do the job of the media.



After this was posted by Tom Elliott, Stelter responded by pointing out that he said it “was weaponized in many different ways.” In other words, he’s sharing the blame. In fact, the media, especially CNN, deserve all the blame.

We included a few responses to Stelter.



  1. What cnn means is “Random sites won’t participate in the pushing of the FAKE CRIME”! I think we have a “Fairness Clause” somewhere in the FCC Regulations. It would be a good thing if these liber-networks were REQUIRED to devote the same amount of coverage in the SAME TIME SLOTS to report the TRUTH when their ORIGINAL LIES were exposed! “We are forced to make the next six weeks’ programming to report the TRUTH of the FAKE HATE CRIME that we had previously reported and DEFENDED! Here are the FACTS of the case – you can decide for yourselves whether the FACT that the two men who attacked Mr. Smollett were paid – they said they were. You can decide if the FACT that one of them bought the string is true, but keep in mind one of them did not buy the string. You can decide if it’s true that the picture of these two Nigerian black men really represent two black men or they are indeed simply deeply skin toned WHITE men! The choice is yours – we’re only reporting the FACTS”!!

    • Do not hold your breath…the eunuchs at outfits like cnn just move to the next “polarizing” fake incident and carry n as if nothing happened…the mainstream fake media has adopted taqiyya…wonder if they have converted too???

  2. ” Story was “weaponized” by those doubting it was a hate crime”

    I have no doubt that it was a hate crime. We just don’t agree on who the victims were and from whom the hate emanates.

  3. The true racist are leading the tune, the true bigots are playing along and the vast majority of people are being led astray by the constant beat of these peoples drums.

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