CNN Rent-a-Mob Booed Story of Rape Victim Who Wished She Had a Gun


CNN’s hatefest townhall was very disturbing but one incident, in particular, has been hitting the blogs. NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch related a story of one young woman, a rape survivor, who wished she had a gun to stop her rapist. That drew boos from the audience. These people, the mob, actually think she is wrong for wanting to shoot or threaten to shoot her rapist. This is nuts.

It’s not very caring.

Dana Loesch was barely able to leave the arena and said if she didn’t have a security detail, she wouldn’t have gotten out. There were people rushing her and screaming “burn her”.

There were 5,000 people at the townhall. Some of them were the rent-a-mob. They weren’t all Stoneman victims although CNN wants you to believe otherwise.

In other news, the Hogg was on Unreliable Sources bashing Dana Loesch with lies. He also called the NRA members child murderers. This young Hogg is a despicable liar. He will do well in journalism.

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5 years ago

So given over to their anti-gun hysteria they can’t even give on that one point (rape victim wanting gun).

That episode about rushing the stage and shouting “burn her”: It’s scary to think there’s a whole class of young people that have been so indoctrinated, brainwashed, degraded to the point of savagery. Because who does or attempts something like that but savages. And with a mob like that there wouldn’t be someone willing to follow through? Like something you would see in the Middle East.

5 years ago

I guess Hogg will never return to school since the Senate wouldn’t allow a ban on assault weapons.