CNN Says Ann Coulter’s the President But She Has An Answer for That


According to CNN, the real president of the United States is conservative commentator Ann Coulter, not Donald Trump. She’s also to blame for the ongoing government shutdown, CNN’s weird legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said.

Usually, the left blames Rush Limbaugh for Trump’s actions.

Toobin elaborated on his in-depth analysis with Wolf Blitzer. He told him that Republicans need to check in with Ann Coulter on how to handle the shutdown.

“What they should be doing, obviously, is checking with Ann Coulter, because apparently, she’s the President of the United States, as far as this is concerned,” he said.

Ann Coulter was one of the hundreds or more on social media who criticized the President for his decision. It’s hard to see how she got him to shut it down. The man is a fool.

When Ann Coulter got wind of it, she came up with some simple logic.

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