CNN Says John McCain’s Funeral Was a Call to Arms


CNN senior political analyst Ronald Brownstein admitted the McCain funeral was a call to arms. He said he was struck by the tone of the funeral. It was more call to arms than a eulogy.

It’s amazing how CNN can say there’s no civility in this clip given how uncivil they are.

John McCain appeared to be a bitter, angry man when he died.

We are grateful for his service but that was decades ago. He apparently believed he was doing the right thing but the end result is he helped tear the country apart, even in death, not only over Donald Trump. He insulted Ted Cruz, called him a wacko bird. McCain never had a kind word for Rand Paul. On the other hand, he heaped praise on a number of Democrats and was more in sync with them.

In fact, the senator didn’t like conservatives. He promised all kinds of conservative measures if he were re-elected such as voting against Obamacare. He later admitted he had no intention of doing that. That’s dishonest.

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