CNN Wants You to Accept Fake Black Woman Rachel Dolezal Is Actually Trans-Racial


Rachel Dolezal, who now calls herself Nkechi Amare Diallo, is the white woman who claimed she was black and headed up an NAACP chapter until she was outed as white. Since then, she has continued to find her way as a legitimate fake black person and insist she is not a white pathological liar.

She says she is black and is not a liar because she identifies as black. She has taken lying to a whole new level and wants us all to buy into the insanity.

She might have found her niche as a fake black person beginning April 19 when she will speak at the first inaugural meeting of a group called the Quest for Non Racial South African Society Dialogue.

Not everyone is accepting of her in South Africa however.

“We don’t need to be trolled like this,” wrote the engagement editor of HuffPost South Africa, Shandukani Mulaudzi. She added that Dolezal not only “bring[s] forth dangerous concepts on race, [but] she also propagates the denial of transgender identities and experiences.”

Dolezal says she is “evidence of the myth of race.”


The fake news outlet CNN wants you to buy into this.

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