CNN Will Tell You What to Say to Combat Conservative Soviets


Leftist media has manipulation and propaganda down to a science. It is especially helpful in promoting the two-tiered justice system Democrats have in place. Their latest gambit is that you cannot compare President Trump’s statements and actions to Democrats who have done the exact same thing or worse.

Camerota even had the talking point she wants her acolytes to use to combat “Soviet” tactics of Conservatives.

Everything, literally everything, they say in the clip below is a lie.


“One of the things on the right, the talking point you hear over and over again on Fox and you hear from the President’s surrogates, Hillary Clinton did it,” far-left CNN host Alisyn Camerota said Friday.

The one Camerota wants to immediately shut down is the comparison to Hillary and her paying for an ex-British spy to get opposition research from Kremlin spies on Donald Trump. What Democrats actually did is far worse than anything the President said.

“They hired Christopher Steele. I find this one to be mind scrambling. One — one went this way where a campaign or the DNC has a vetted source that they reach out to, another came in this way from a foreign adversary into the Trump Tower with who knows what agenda, unvetted…,” she ranted, adding how they are “bringing in all sorts of bogus information about it.”

The propaganda technique she is using includes card stacking, snob appeal, lies by omission, fallacious reasoning, and giving the viewer only two choices.


CNN’s senior political analyst John Avlon told the panel there was “no comparison” between the Steele dossier and working with a “hostile foreign government.” [Actually, they all knew Steele worked with a hostile foreign power and Trump mentioned Norway to George Stephanopoulos, not Russia.]

He assumes facts that are not in evidence and takes off from there.

“You’ve got to remember that this isn’t about the Russian Trump Tower meeting. This is about the top line conclusions of the Mueller report that the Russians wanted to influence the election on Donald Trump’s behalf and the campaign expected to benefit from that and it was disseminated stolen information which was disseminated through Wikileaks,” he said.

“There is no comparison between what Christopher Steele did for Fusion GPS and with a hostile foreign government,” Avlon added. “Of course. It’s ironically an old Soviet technique called whataboutism. It’s about distracting, deflecting and making it about something irrelevant.”

Avlon is giving you two choices, believe as he believes or you’re like a Soviet.

This is all so ironic. It’s the Democrats [Socialists] who have always loved the Russian communism. They are natural allies.


Camerota has a very inflated idea of who she is and thinks she is the one to tell Americans how to deal with the alleged ‘talking point.’  Never mind that it’s not a talking point.

“I understand you have no time for it, but I think it’s our job also to give people, the viewers, ways to shut it down if they are intrigued by that argument because they make it so often,” she said.

“Christopher Steele is not a country,” Berman spouted. “Check the map. He is not a freaking country and Russia is.”

Congratulations CNN, you are pure propaganda at this point.

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Ignorance Is Strength
Ignorance Is Strength
4 years ago

Keep the Kulaks out! Dims good Pubs baaad. Orange Man *evul* KGB! Socialism good for you, someone else pay your free lunch.

4 years ago

I guess when your mind is so removed from reality it would be easy to spout such pathetic arguments. These are the same types who legitimize Antifa and would also try to convince the public of the many genders.

I was going to tear into their arguments but it’s a matter of a fool and their arguments. There IS an argument for being “an enemy of the people” where daily programming is centered on fomenting hate between people. But it has morphed into something Far Beyond being enemies of the people. They have become the essence of “Evil” in modern society. It’s one thing to speak against politicians you dislike, but the response to Sarah Sanders leaving showed precisely how EVIL these reprobates truly are. The propensity for evil is widespread.

The countless occasions accusing lies by Trump or Sanders fail to produce an actual example. The few times an example was given it consisted of misunderstanding what was said, Or, as the example of Charlottesville, a pure flat out “lie” by the press. One trait I’ve noticed among the vast majority of leftists, whether on Fox, or other networks, is how dense these people are. They are incapable of critical thought.

Frank S.
Frank S.
4 years ago

CNN continues to hemorrhage viewers. Propagandists there are talking to a shrinking audience, made up of intellectually uncurious zombies….like themselves.